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144: Evolving As An Investor

Evolving as an investor is the best way to keep yourself ahead of the competition. And though we've discussed on the show before that in the note investing space people can have a spirit of coop-etition, there is certainly still an element of competition in there....

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143: Your First Note Investing Deal

Your first note investing deal can be daunting as hell. Have you gotten yourself set up with all the right vendors? Have you fully research things like foreclosure timelines in the market you're investing in? How long did they say the service transfer was going to...

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142: Boots On The Ground And Note Expo

Boots on the ground is a phrase you're likely to hear quite a bit in the military and in real estate. And sometimes it hard to tell which group takes it more seriously. Boots on the ground is what we say in the real estate space when we're referring to having a solid...

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141: Buying an Entire Hedge Fund Tape

Buying an entire hedge fund tape sounds really exciting - and maybe a little scary. Recently, with many of the pricing issue we're all seeing in the market, we've decided that buying an entire hedge fund tape seems to be the only way to get the deals and pricing we...

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140: Delinquent Tax Proof of Payment Strategy

Delinquent tax proof of payment strategy was a hot topic over on our Facebook page. Robert wracked his brain for a strategy and system to improve the way we handle providing proof of payment on delinquent taxes. And it would appear as though we've made some headway. ...

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138: Note Investing Insurance with Mel Babtkis

Note investing insurance can present some murky waters for a new - and experienced - investor to wade through. That's why we're talking with one of our favorite insurance service providers on this week's show. We've also had a ton of requests for this topic with all...

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136: Building an ROI Calculator

Building an ROI calculator is something every note investor should do. Last week Robby gave David some tough love for not having one done yet - among many other things. So, this week we discuss the process David is going through to build one, and some of the...

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135: Do You Have An Accountability Partner

Do you have an accountability partner? I'll be asking you this question again. This is one of the areas I think too few people focus on. After much real estate talk, Robby as a tough love session with David about some of the things happening in his business. We've had...

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134: Mid-Year Goals and Routines

Mid-year goals and routines have been top of mind for us these past few weeks. Mid-year goals for obvious reasons, we've done a mid-year goal review show every year since 2015. However, the topic of routines, though something we've definitely covered before, isn't...

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