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129: When to Start Looking for JV Investors

When to start looking for JV investors? It's a question that has come up regularly in the Note MBA inbox. So, we decide to tackle this topic on today's show. We also cover Nevada as a super lien state, using your reserves to invest in deals, we take our first call-in...

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128: How to Handle Overwhelm in Real Estate

How to handle overwhelm? This was the question I was asking myself after receiving a tough to read email from a podcast listener. And no, before you ask, it wasn't tough to read because I'm getting older and need glasses. My wife already beat you to that joke....

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126: How To Live Richly With Sándor Lau

How to live richly is one of the chief focus points for today's show, with Sándor Lau. Before we get into all that though, we break down how and why Sándor got into note investing. [smart_track_player url=""...

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123: Investing In Ohio Real Estate with Franco Barile

Investing in Ohio real estate is something we've been doing for some time. We've talked about numerous note deals happening in the wonder state of Ohio. In fact, that deal we've been lamenting because of an aggravating contractor, Ohio. The deal with the borrower...

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122: Fuquan Bilal Talks 2nds, Hypothecation, And More

Fuquan Bilal is one of the nicest guys you'll meet in the note investing space. If you're at an event, he's always available to answer questions, give feedback, or just rap with you about the industry. He's been on the show before, and now he's back to help us kick of...

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121: Paper Source & Due Diligence Pro

Paper Source has been an absolute blast. We postponed this week's show because Robby and I were going to be out in Las Vegas together. On top of that, we thought it would be a great opportunity to do our first live show in front of some wonderful Note MBA fans....

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120: Working a Short Sale Deal

Working a short sale can be a bit tricky. That is if you're working with traditional banks. One of the exit strategies I most often forget about is doing a short sale. On today's show we do an interview of sorts about just that, working a short sale....

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119: Long Distance Remodeling

Long distance remodeling is current kicking Robby's butt. Well, more specifically one particular long distance remodeling job is kicking his butt. On today's how he steps up to the late to talk about our difficult Ohio deal. [smart_track_player...

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