Paper Source has been an absolute blast. We postponed this week’s show because Robby and I were going to be out in Las Vegas together. On top of that, we thought it would be a great opportunity to do our first live show in front of some wonderful Note MBA fans.

Along with both being in the same room here at Paper Source, we also did a video recording of this week’s show. Let us know if you enjoy this kind of content, and thank you for your patience with this week’s show.

Paper Source

Our first every live show gave us an opportunity to do a listener Q&A in person, which is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. Though it took a minute for the audience to warm-up, many different listeners share their business questions, and we did our best to answer them.

The first thing we tackle is the new due diligence software called Due Diligence Pro. Next we move to talking about buying your first note. We discuss where many investors hit their first roadblocks. We cover everything from the who, what, where, and hows of getting capital, finding tapes, the ‘I just don’t know whats’, and more.

Where do you find note investing deals and tapes? The tapes are in the room at Paper Source. Let me repeat that for anyone that might need it. The tapes, deals, are in the room at Paper Source. However, they’re also in the room at numerous different conferences and events around the country. No doubt that Paper Source offers an awesome opportunity, but if you couldn’t make it here that’s ok. Try to get out and network whenever and wherever you can. Though someone did mention someone not in the room, PPR Note Co.

Due Diligence Pro

Though we’ll be talking more about the software soon, this is the episode we launched Due Diligence Pro. This due diligence software is the place we start when it comes to researching real estate assets. It answers two of the questions we’re asked often.

The first is where are we going for initial, high level due diligence. The software loads all 8 sites in with one click to speed up the process for our due diligence. At it’s core that is the number one reason this software exists, to decrease the amount of time it takes to get through tapes of assets.

Which then leads us to the next part, if it’s saving you time, it’s saving you money. Using this software decreasing our time with MWAs – minimum wage activities. We’ve talked about it numerous times on the show. You need to either decrease your time with MWAs or you need to be outsourcing them.

That’s it for this week! Thanks for listening everyone and as always, if you have any questions, comments or potential deals to send our way, email us at

Listen & Watch this Week’s Show to Learn:

  • We Debut Real Estate Due Diligence Software
  • Our First Live Q&A
  • Where To Find Note Deals
  • Some Important Aspects Of Due Diligence
  • Why You Should Be At Events Like Paper Source
  • And much more!

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