On today’s episode, Robby and Chase interview a guy that went from analytical engineer to real estate investor. They are fortunate to have a guest on the show with a wealth of experience in multi-family and single family investing. His name is Adam Adams with AJA Investments.

They get started by letting Adam talk about how his ROI analysis software which evolved over time to allow for more efficient analysis of potential note deals. They go on to discuss how the overall effects of this on his business and the benefits to understanding and being confident in your numbers.

They then segue into discussing forced place insurance and a cheaper insurance option that Adam recently found at Note Expo in Fort Worth, Texas. One of the great things that Adam found is a program they have for pools of notes where he’s paying 1% premiums per year on his declared note value. This prompts Robby to ask a question and also issue a small challenge. Robby uses REI Guard through Infinity and he does the replacement cost / actual cash value. The question is whether Adam’s policies cover theft which they do and is extremely valuable. Adam then let’s Robby know that he insures for the note price and the work out cost. Adam let’s listeners know to ask for Beth with J.B. Lloyd & Associates.

Adam then goes into how he first got into the note space and what enabled him to get comfortable with investing outside of his backyard which Robby notes is a challenge for numerous new investors. One of the biggest assets has been finding a great Realtor in the area that he’s investing in. The one he’s been working with in one area actually ended up becoming a JV on a couple deals with him.

After the great intro, they dive into numerous topics such as:

      • The various deals Adam has worked and numbers on those
      • The importance & execution of due diligence
      • An interesting duplex deal Adam is currently working on that he initially paid 12k for
      • Adam’s main business model and how you can do the same
      • Turnkey rentals and the 1% rule
      • Various contract for deed scenarios
      • How Adam manages working through Brokers, timing with wires & why it behooves you to build direct relationships as opposed to going through middle men
      • Consistency & continuing improvements will lead to success in the long run
      • Adam’s great Lawyer referral – Franco Barile

That’s all for this week everyone!

Thanks for listening everyone and as always, if you have any questions, comments or potential deals to send our way, email us at ask@notemba.com.

Listen & Watch this Week’s Show to Learn:

  • The benefits of proper ROI analysis software
  • How Adam organizes his day to day activities and the levels of priorities he places on certain tasks
  • Who you should be using for forced place insurance
  • Why you should find a good (and hungry) realtor in the area you want to invest in
  • The best way to plan your day and the essential tools to use in order to stay on top of it
  • Why you shouldn’t necessarily hold on to your multi-family properties
  • The necessity of continuing to grow (even as a database developer)
  • Why you should setup a Holding LLC
  • How impactful having a supportive spouse is
  • And much more!

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