We talked about a sit down with Eddie Speed leading up to Note Expo a few weeks back. On today’s show we deliver on that promise.

During the interview Eddie breaks down how he got into the business, where he’s seen it, and where he thinks it might be headed. We also dive into a unique twist on how you might be leaving money on that table by not utilizing seller finance in your business.

The guy behind note school owes his time in this business to selling a horse to his now wife’s father. Going over the horse transaction in detail over ice-cream, led to an 8 hour discussion about real estate. Which then in turn led to a few year long apprenticeship for Eddie in the real estate business.

He moved to the Lone Star state to work the local market of seller finance notes here. In the show he details why living in the market you invested in wasn’t a luxury, it was a necessity.

We go on to discuss direct marketing mailers, buying straight from FDIC, and the most recent reports about subprime making a comeback.

About halfway through the show he drops some major knowledge that everyone needs to hear. In fact, he actually directs you to pull out a pen and paper to make sure you write it down.

We hope you enjoyed this interview with Eddie Speed. If you have questions you want to throw at him the next time we sit down with him, or want to chime in, have any questions for us, or comments send them our way at ask@notemba.com.

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • We Interview The Man Behind Note School
  • How Some Of The Subprime Chatter Today Will Impact The Business
  • Where You Might Be Leaving Money On The Table In Your Deals
  • The Three Things That Will Make A Buy In Notes
  • Why Explaining The Business Accurately To Others Matters

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