Do you have an accountability partner? I’ll be asking you this question again. This is one of the areas I think too few people focus on. After much real estate talk, Robby as a tough love session with David about some of the things happening in his business. We’ve had these back and forth sessions before, but this is David’s first one. We want to see him win with his business. So, we breakdown some accountability for him.

The Road Show Never Stops

Thanks to the wonders of the internet the note investing road show never has to stop. We’ll be uploading some great videos Robby shot while he was traversing the country. We’ll be releasing those videos later this week and early next week.

They are fantastic examples of the simple marketing style videos you can make for your real estate investing business. He’s not hard selling in any of them for people to send him capital. He’s not holding some check, while he’s headed to the bank. He’s in front of real assets, we actually own, talking about the portfolio.

And it doesn’t matter how great your Photoshop or Canva skills are. When it comes to creating marketing pieces for your business, nothing is better than a case study. However, there is one exception, actually standing out in front of the damn house. It’s why we’re talked so much about the importance of visiting your assets whenever possible.

Do You Have An Accountability Partner

Sometimes the universe just places situations in front of you. If you’re a Note MBA Insider, if you get our Monday emails. this past Monday you received a message of self awareness and accountability. One of the primary reasons for my recent move was to address this issue in my own business. Without any prompting Robby took an opportunity to get after David on where he’s been slacking.

Depending on how comfortable you are with confrontation the segment could be tough. However, you’ve known us long enough, and you’ve seen Robby and I go after each other enough, to know we do it with the right attitude. We want to see David succeed. We want to see him build the business he claims to want to build.

And doing things like that can require outside help. So, do you have an accountability partner? It might be that missing link to achieving what you’re after in your life and business.

That’s it for this week! Thanks for listening everyone and as always, if you have any questions, comments or potential deals to send our way, email us at

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