When we were at Note Expo, one of the things a ton of listeners we met mentioned they’d love of of on the podcast was interviews. It might seems like we took that too close to heart this week.

Dave Van Horn was sat down to talk to us about the business, and his 30 year perspective of real estate. The chat was too good to keep to ourselves for too long, so you get back-to-back weeks of interviews.

Dave has spent 30 years in the real estate business! Now before you get any ideas about him walking into a turnkey business, wait until you hear his story.

He was raised by a single mom with six kids, and after school he got married and moved back in with his mother. At which point he couldn’t get a job, and started doing construction work. He grew that into his own construction business.

Dave goes into talking about how he originally bought his rental homes on credit cards. He’d use those credit cards to buy homes, then his construction and painting business to fix them up. Right around the time he amassed 40 doors, he was injured on the job site.

He dives into the importance of what he learned about owning a business that revolves around just him. He wasn’t business building a legacy of wealth.

A contrarian at heart, Dave brings some amazing perspective to insurance, taxes, wealth building, and so much more in this episode.

If you want to know more about Dave head over to PPR. You can also catch him regularly posting on the Bigger Pockets blog. Also, be sure to grab Dave’s free ebook.

We hope you enjoyed this interview with Dave Van Horn. If you have questions you want to throw at him the next time we sit down with him, or want to chime in, have any questions for us, or comments send them our way at ask@notemba.com.

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • How Note Investing Helps You Build Wealth
  • Where To Look Within The Economy For The Strongest Indicators For Where Real Estate Is Headed
  • What 30 Years Of Real Estate Has Taught Dave About Marketing
  • The Many Buckets You Need To Protect Your Family
  • How To Build A Fortress Around Your Business

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