This week we are coming at you with another great interview from a well-respected industry expert, Daren Blomquist is a Vice President at RealtyTrac. He’s been featured outlets like the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and NBC.

RealtyTrac is a leading provider of comprehensive US housing and property data.

We first met Daren out at Note Expo in Dallas and wanted to get him in front of our audience to provide some of the same high level content we were exposed to during his time on stage.

Daren starts us off with a look at issues from the impact of the Fed rate increases, to current level of foreclosure starts, and where the market has come from over the past three years.

If we stop to take a look at some market trends around the country we’re seeing more and more markets that are reaching new all time highs; though the nationwide average is still about 9% lower than peak of the market.

Moving into housing affordability Daren looks at some current debt to income ratios when qualifying for a loan compared to the ratios of the legacy years; but keep in mind when you’re looking at these ratios that CFPB currently caps the ratio at 43%.

We’re also seeing new loans allowing income from other occupants of the home, but not the primary borrower being factored into the ability to qualify for mortgages. Basically, lending is starting to loosen up again; so odds are we’ll see more inventory down the line.

Daren is giving access to our listeners to their award winning Housing News Report for free. This is something that every listener needs to action to e-mail RealtyTrac for this free $99 subscription. Send an e-mail out to

In addition to access to the Housing News Report Daren is extending to the listeners of the Note MBA podcast access to RealtyTrac for $199 for a full year. This is normally $49 a month; we’re not getting a kickback for it, so if you don’t sign up you need to ask yourself how committed you are to using the best tools available in the marketplace. Send an e-mail to and say you heard Daren on the Note MBA podcast offer the annual subscription for $199.

There is a wealth of other topics covered during this week’s interview that you need to listen in on hear about. Thanks again for making us a part of your week.

If you have questions you want to throw at him the next time we sit down with him, or want to chime in, have any questions for us, or comments send them our way at

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  • What Impact The FED Changing The Interest Rates Has On Notes
  • Actually Housing Data From One Of The Leaders In The Industry
  • How Housing Affordability And Down-Payment Savings Affect Our Business
  • Forecasting On Future Loan Programs To Come
  • How To Get Your Hands On Valuable Industry News

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