Boots on the ground is a phrase you’re likely to hear quite a bit in the military and in real estate. And sometimes it hard to tell which group takes it more seriously. Boots on the ground is what we say in the real estate space when we’re referring to having a solid group of referral partners in place in a particular area. 

Boots On The Ground

On a recent trip to Ohio I got the opportunity to establish some more boots on the ground contacts. Well, I tried at least. Before heading out we gathered some names of some local contacts to meet with during the time in Dayton. Some stood me up, others never got back with me. David mentioned on the show that they’ve had issues with flaky people in the area as well.

The reason for the trip was to handle some recording issues we had with the county. Apparently the phrase, “the right hand not talking to the left” was invented in Dayton – or more specifically, Montgomery County. The issues we’ve had trying to get a deed recorded remotely for the past several months has been absolutely comical. All of which came to a head when I had the pleasure of dealing with it in person.

During the trip I also drove assets from some bank and hedge fund contacts, and I took a look at some assets for a few fellow note investors. Once all that work was done, I took some time to drive multiple top zip codes in the Dayton area to get a better understanding on where we should be looking for deals. And so we can better communicate with those boots on the ground contacts we’ll be working with – whenever they decide to call me back.

Note Expo, Selling Around You & Big Live Success

We’ve gotten a few emails about whether we’re heading out to Note Expo, and the answer is yes. If you were on the fence, we’d love to see you come out to the event and say “Hi!”

Don’t forget about Robby’s life and business coach Michelle Humphrey. She has another Big Live Success event happening in November. This event is something you can attend to really get your mental game on point. We’ve heard feedback from a few different members of the community that have either gone to this event, or hired Michelle to coach them, that have blown past roadblocks and driven some serious success.

Lastly, on the week’s show we talk about a seller, selling around us on a few deals. Many it was an opportunity to hear how other people handle this situation, and whether or not they’ve encountered it before, or regularly. 

That’s it for this week! Thanks for listening everyone and as always, if you have any questions, comments or potential deals to send our way, email us at

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